Don’t push me around!

We have eventually reached the understanding as consumers that we have the upper hand, we can choose to shop online after hearing a radio advert, or visit the store after seeing a TV ad. This being the case, why do so many of these adverts push us to use the website or visit the store?

I don’t want to see a billboard on my way to the store that offers me an exclusive deal online, neither do I want to visit a website offering me a 10% discount in-store today. I want retailers to stop pushing me around, so that I can get on with the serious business of spending my money with them via the channel I choose at the time.

Avinash is absolutely right in stating that the world is neither offline or online – the world is whatever channel it chooses to use at any given point in time. We as Marketers must surely realise that by offering the same deal across all channels we will not only save time & effort in sharing a single creative, but we will also gain more sales from the flexibility we are offering our consumers, who can make a purchase when & where is convenient for them.

Single-channel campaigns do not only limit sales opportunities – something we can ill-afford in the current climate, they also limit choice for the consumer. Conversely a multi-channel campaign provides consistency for the consumer, allowing the product to be purchased with the same discounts regardless of where the advert was originally seen. In addition, a multi-channel campaign (ran across all channels within the same timeframe) will normally increase sales by a greater percentage than a separate campaign per channel – what are we waiting for, there are sales we are missing out on!

Lastly, a hidden benefit of the multi-channel campaign is the necessity for the online & offline teams to work together – something of a novelty for most businesses I would guess. Who knows, in working together we might even share data, enabling a truly customer-centric campaign – Oooh imagine the warm fuzzy feeling that could create. Once you have started sharing customer data with other marketing channels there really is no going back, it’s a slippery slope to Marketing Heaven. Imagine the things you could do…targeting direct marketing campaigns based on online behaviour / targeting online campaigns based on Call Centre & in-store purchases, or better still, target a multi-channel campaign based on the last 3 purchases (regardless of channel)…the list goes on…..


2 responses to “Don’t push me around!

  1. Su,
    Excellent comments, however I have found that some products or promotions work well in one channel, but not another. I.e Low priced items consumables in store & higher ticket items on the web.

    Also the average order value in one channel maybe higher, so when sending out a money off voucher, the spend limit may not be suitable for for that channel.

    I’ve noticed that one high store chain, gives there customer the choice of offer – maybe that is the way forward?

    • Thanks for the comment Bev. Whilst we may find that some products / promotions work better with one channel over others, it is surely better to offer it over all channels, letting the customer decide whether he wishes to make use of it?

      The high store chain you mention that offers choice understands that customers spend differing values depending on channel, they do not however limit the options available to the customer, but simply let the customer make the choice. Choice is important to us all, it enables us to feel that we control how & what we spend.

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